PPF processes softwares analysis system for essential forging development CAD/CAE which made up of Creo3.0、UG11.0、Deform11.0, with aid of Croe3.0/UG11.0 is the complex precise modeling for precise forging, toothing high precision modeling and modification designing for precise gears, which guarantee the correctness concerning theory model, tooling and forging.  Deform 11.0 as Thermal coupling simulation analysis system can obtain the detailed pysical fields e.g. the stress field, strain field、 damage distribition field, metal flow speed field, force stroke curve during the forging deforming processes and seize the rules how metal flows in the complex cavity and acquire the physical quantity field distrubition conditions. Based on that, problems and their reasons which may accured in workpiece forming processes can be predicted, plastic forming process of forgings can be optimized, meanwhile, key daten used for process improvement and product quality controlling can be provided. This contributes to shorten development period of new products and reduce  production cost and improve development quality.

    PPF possesses over 70 precision forging production line, incl. cold forging、warm forging and hot forging precision equipment imported from Switzerland、Germany 、Japan, with press force capacities from 110T – 2500T. By means of a number of various high accurancy equipment is the cold&warm&hot finish forging realizable, Production and R&D of the finish forging parts by multi-processes and composite moulding can be achieved.

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