PPF owns a management system covering a whole processes from tooling design, manufacture, usage,service and whole-process recycle, equipped with a whole-process 3D CAD/CAE/CAM/CMM designing, manufacturing and numerical technology applications, PPF can improve new product development capacity and shorten development period. The usage of ERP、MES information applications in tooling workshop guarantees traced quality information and on-time delivery, meanwhile, tooling production processes is continuously optimized and production costs can additionly be reduced indirectly.

At the same time,PPF actively participates in the continuous improvement and process optimization of tooling, forcus on using service and tooling recycling, aiming at reducing production cost; PPF purues making full use of advantages of production technology and manufacturing process, insisting on quality leadership, providing first-class quality tooling products, strengthening quality management And control ability, which provides an important means of technical management to achieve enterprises lean manufacturing and to significantly improve business management and operational efficiency, so that market competitiveness of enterprises can be enhanced.

    Tooling Manufacturing flow chart : Drawing distrubited, Tooling production process confirmation, ERP maintanence, MES basis date, tooling shall be storaged after production and inspection acc. To process flow chart, process inspection card, in-process inspection card and finished tooling inspection card.

PPF processes advanced manufacturing equipment, totally 26 sets, incl. for example full automatic sawing、oridinary turning machine, normal milling machine, radial drilling machine,digital-controled grinding machine, numerically controlled lathe ect, with aids of which rough machining and finish machining before or after HT can be realised. Furthermore, High- and low temperature annealing furnace, vacuum heat treatment furnace, vacuum oil & gas quenching furnace can meet various heat treatment processes. In addition, PPF has advanced precision machining centers, including 5 five-axis high-speed milling machining centers, 20 three-axis high-speed milling machining centers, 20 precision electrical processing equipments, 6 slow wire & fast wire cutting equipments, piercing machines and tools Pre-tune instrument , which are imported from Switzerland, Germany, Japan, the United States, by this full range of high precision equipment production of electrode,warm forging dies, sizing tooling  fixture and complex products can be much easier achieved.

Surface heat treatment facilities includes ion nitriding furnace, PVT, etc., can improve surface hardness, wear resistance, fatigue resistance, thereby enhanceg the life time of the toolings.

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